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Advertising on NFTS, it works; but of course it does!

In an earlier post we explored the addition of some new features and also the free advertising1 on an NFT. We figured it out, not posting the answer though, just the solution if you get our drift. Here’s the details however:

  1. The Another Token is not a cryptocurrency, it’s just a play on the words. It’s purpose is to allow users of the platform to be rewarded points that can be used to redeem free stuff: NFTS and Advertising. Your wallet displays the current amount of Another Tokens you have. The actual free NFT project is at like a few design days from completion and the actual launch date is TBD. And by launch we are referring to spending advertising dollars, lol. We’re doing all the free shit first, like SEO/SERP, buzz word, buzz buzz bizzy bee, just checking to see if you’re still paying attention to me.
  2. NFTs – getting them for free and advertising on them for FREE. We had an issue earlier and it has been resolved. In light of this however we can now move on to minting the NFTs on the WAX Blockchain. If you’re unfamiliar with the blockchain, we will get you up to speed in an upcoming series of posts or just a one page explanation of how it works and how to get started.

So if you haven’t already signed up for the free advertising, by all means be our guest and put our service to the test! Reiterating, this is not a fully launched project and we are stamping out the bugs as they are presented. Free advertising will run for 96 hours maximum with paid advertising running for a minimum of 96 hours with preferential placement ahead of free advertising, and in some cases cancelling a FREE advertising before it is seen. This is not etched in stone.

NFT info again.

There will be four assets, and I think this was addressed already in a previous post, my bad. The good thing is the digital asset templates have all been created all ready and will be loaded to a IFPS (one of those “forever” servers, images for permanent storage /shrugs); the FREE advertising NFT however will be hosted on the Another dotCom Company’s Servers.

1 Another Free Advertising Site

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